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Orange, CA

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When do companies start to understand....

...that the only thing you will reach by whipping down on users like this is, that a few open source developers are really going to get the encryption side of torrents working the way it should, and then the MPAA/RIAA is faced with a huge technological hurdle it probably can't overcome.

This is like World War 1. Each side keeps on digging in deeper, but essentially it's a stale-mate. Only difference in the digital world is that it costs the MPAA/RIAA millions to engage in these kinds of activities, and it costs a few smart developers to get the encryption of torrents to the masses virtually nothing.

But hey.... the big shot CEO's of the car companies didn't have a clue when they FLEW in PRIVATE JETS to go beg for govt. money, I don't expect the board of RIAA/MPAA and major studios to suddenly realize that the methods they have been trying so far..... aren't really working and are just a big money pit.

Is there a solution then to the illegal downloading? I'm not sure.... well for starters the prices should come down, and any media you purchase should not be riddled with DRM and anti-copy protection, so you can't make a copy of the movie to be stored in the family car and used with the built in DVD player, or so you can't make a copy of a movie for the long, long business flights and boring hotel nights you have to do for work....

If you buy a movie, you should be allowed to do with it as you please, as long as it is within your own household. DRM really, really is the "car industry's vision they had before they were rudely awakened last year". It's a strategy that audio/visual production companies are grasping a hold of, and you'll have to pry DRM out of their cold dead hands.....

And each year they are losing more money, and their solution is to make their version of DRM "better." (As in, harder to copy)

They just don't see that DRM may sell them NO movies at all (and an illegal download so they can put that movie on the laptop and in the car for the kids), while non-DRM riddled movies may actually get you 1 sale for that household.

They are slowly digging their own grave..... but just not realizing it yet.
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Jamaica, NY

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RIAA doesn't sniff traffic in the first place (some say they do, by just DMCAing all the IPs they get from the tracker). With P2P, you can't avoid making a connection. Anonymous IP connections don't really exist on the internet (unless its wifi, or something, even then, the owner of the broadband link behind the wifi is responsible). If you go to download you will always run the risk of contacting an RIAA peer or seeder.


Portland, ME
reply to maartena

I laugh at that whole industry.Let them waste billions.We can still backup our legally bought items whether they like it or not.