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world of warcraft

I am wondering if i could play world of warcraft with CenturyLink.
Is it going to run it smoothy.Plus if not what can i get i live in Missouri zip is 64437 in holt county

O Fallon, MO
I would guess it would play fine on the 1.5 plan. If you were put on the extended(less than 1.5) plan then it would likely be alright unless someone else was using the internet connection.
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reply to bjros90
thank you very much. Its hard find good connection out west.

Ring Trip

La Crosse, WI
WoW will run on dialup, you will have no problems running it on even our slowest DSL.

Gilman, WI

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reply to bjros90
As someone who has no choice but CenturyLink dialup at around 40 kilobit, I can tell you that WoW will work okay on dialup in the following conditions:

- single player
- 5-man groups
- low-population cities

More people or more monsters will however overload the limited dialup capacity, extremely high lag (1-5 seconds), and if your client cannot catch up to the server after a minute or two, you will be disconnected.

Wandering into a dense city zone such as the auction / front gates of IronForge can kick you off due to lag, and then when you try to login again you are kicked off again. In the worst case situation, you cannot get back on the server until a time of day where the zone population is lower and dialup can handle it.

Not quite enough bandwidth cause strange cosmetic problems such as invisible people with only a name floating in midair over a shadow/dot, or toons loading without any clothes and everyone apparently running around in their underpants.

On dialup you can just forget about raids of 10+ people. 5-man groups wandering into high population dungeons can also have major lag problems.


Large updates via dialup can be a serious problem since they can be 200+ meg downloads, and CenturyLink forcibly disconnects modems every 8 hours no matter what you are doing. Modems can pull down about 15 meg an hour at 40 kilobit, or around 120 megs before you are disconnected.

Sometimes downloads cannot be resumed when the modem is forcibly disconnected, and you find yourself re-downloading the first 120 megs over and over.

In this case it is time to abandon the auto-updater and instead download direct from the Blizzard website, using a download manager that has resume capabilities.


Arcadia, FL
wow will run on a cell card... so it will work