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Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to MyDogHsFleas

Re: The difference isn't that great

I agree "mydoghsfleas". Here in South Florida, at&t is the top choice with 3g coverage. Never had issues with calls, texts, or internet. Sprint and VZ are also very good. It truly depends on where you live and the routes you take to determine the best choice.

Consumer reports has always been dead wrong on their so called "reviews" on just about everything. Vehicle after vehicle I've had and family members have had were always ranked terrible on consumer reports yet no one has ever had issues other than the normal battery replacement or routine maintenance. Even printers, computers, and tvs. People who live by/follow consumer reports really need to reconsider how they value life and the things in it. Make your own judgments and come to your own conclusions - stop letting a crooked magazine that magically surveys random people who aren't necessarily telling the truth do it for you.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Unless you know what you're doing.

Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR
I agree. CR is almost always wrong. The majority of vehicles I had with reliability rated excellent from them were the biggest crap cans I owned. Yet, many rated poor have gone 200k+ for me without a hitch. Audio components are rated on features and whether they are one of CR's favorite brands, not sound quality as it should be. Tell me how a Denon or Marantz reciever/amplifier(with transistor or tube amps instead of lousy chip-based amps) ranks below a bottom-of-the-line Sony or Technics. Blah! I can certainly hear the difference. Must be deaf people on their testing board. Do not even get me started on them always top-ranking HP, Dell, and Gateway, even over some expensive Alienware models in the past =( As a computer repair tech before I got into engineering, I can literally say that Dell(and Gateway for that matter) are the biggest pieces of practically made-in-China OEM dookie on the planet(or close to it). Even emachine used to be much better built than Dell, though they seem to have declined in recent years.

Anyways, my point I think has been proven. Did I mention CR sucks?