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Fairhope, AL

Applied for DSL upgrade in speed instead got downgrade

Last week, I went to the CenturyLink website and entered my address, the message came back showing I could get 10mbps download speed DSL. I called last week and setup an appointment for last Fri to come to the house for installation. I got a call on Thurs stating I was too far away and could not get the upgrade and they could not increase my speed. I had about 6.5mbps download speed, the line was probably provisioned for 8mbps. Lord and behold, they downgraded me to the new current mid speed of 1.5 mbps. I will call on Monday, I am very upset. Unfortunatley, I live in Perdido Beach, AL and there is no other reasonable option. HughesNet is out of the question. Mediacom Cable was here before Hurricane Ivan, system never repaired after the storm.

Ring Trip

La Crosse, WI
What speed DSL were you paying for before you requested the upgrade? It may have been a grandfathered rate and in this situation the computer system may have reverted to it's default 2nd best tier, 1.5m. It happens, bugs with software and all that. Customer service would be able to help you get it corrected if that's the case.