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frequent dsl disconnects only on this computer

Got a new computer in Sep 09 - all was fine for a while, then the disconnects began. Not many at first but now I'm lucky if it stays connected for a minute or two. Running 3.0 dsl with a Westell 610014 modem. Ethernet connection.

The guys at CenturyLink have been very helpful - they changed over the pairs serving our house, put in a new modem, etc, etc. I disconnected all phone lines except for the dsl line in the house - no luck. Even ran a dedicated line to the modem from where the phone line comes into the house - no luck. Tried setting up to a usb port - no luck.

Still disconnects every 30 to 45 seconds.

The last CenturyLink tech plugged in his laptop to the modem and it worked fine. Thought I may have a motherboard problem so I installed an ethernet card and plugged the modem into it. No luck.

Got my old computer and set it up in place of the new one. Worked fine. Took my desktop from our office and set it up same way - worked fine.

Now we're all thinking this must be in the computer somehow. Any thoughts or suggestions??

Many thanks...

O Fallon, MO
Hate to suggest spending any more money, maybe try doing a wireless setup.

out there
reply to ozarker
It seems kinda far-fetched but one thing comes to mind - is the computer being allowed to shut off the ethernet adapter to save power?

You can change this in device manager.