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Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT

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telecommuting? telemedicine?..."distance learning?"

sigh...where will it all end? Hell, folks have been telecommuting for years already, and a lack of available broadband is hardly the limiting factor...

"distance learning"? Man, that guy can coin a phrase eh?...er, maybe not so much... Maybe Boucher would be shocked to learn that there have been on-line colleges for years now as well???

telemedicine though...that one I've got to have! Uh...what egg-zactly is "telemedicine" anyways? Is he suggesting that physicians and hospitals do not already routinely share data, and other important medical information, including diagnostic readings, etc., now?

Sorry, this is the same tripe that always gets rolled out when someone advocates that broadband coverage is some sort of sacred "right" and that every citizen "needs" broadband.

Hell, I like having broadband, don't get me wrong, but that is a long way from saying that it is some sort of god-given "right", or that government is for some reason obligated to make it so...

Edit: Along that line, what exact mandate do we have to either "keep up", or for that matter "lead the world" anyway? If anyone is upset as if we lost a race or something....buck up! We are #1 in homicides per capita amongst the "developed" nations! Woo-Hoo!
Deeds, not words


Uhmm, seems like you have no clue as to how some rural hospitals utilize high speed internet connections to serve their patients. You should read up on it!