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Re: [CCNA] switchport mode access : Command Question : Why use i

i know. maybe my expectations of the ccna are just too high. i look back at what i had to study to get it (granted that was over 6 years ago) and look at what was industry standards and best practices at the time, it was a wonder at all i got my first job .
now we have our own documentation repositories that we have all of our best practice documentation. most of it comes right from the horses mouth (cisco, vmware, microsoft, etc), but some comes from our practice managers. we try to keep standardized deployments for all customers and document any differences to those deployments internally in the event another engineer has to support that customer in the future. doesn't always work that way, but it is what it is.

i guess the biggest issue i have with the best practices, is that while there are other places to find them, the ccna isn't going to know that they are out there or where to find them. again, working towards the professional or expert level certs, you are aware that those avenues exist. the ccna is supposed to be a broad-level introductory exam exposing the participant to a broadspectrum of network "stuff". even a mention of where certain best practices could be found online or even a small section on layer-2 switch or router best practices would be good. nothing in depth, it must keep with the ccna knowledge level. something (in my opinion) would be better than nothing.

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