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Re: Kind of bold statement

bullshit. Nobody, not a single person, decided to switch from 10 dollar dialup for 60-120 dollar broadband so they could check their email faster.

ISPS have known for years exactly what audience they have been catering and marketing towards and you do too. Not all p2p is illegal, not all torrents contain questionable content.

Cut p2p and streaming, and what are you left with? Using all your bandwidth on flash advertisements while checking a few niche websites, email accounts and message boards? This majority is not going to pay the current prices for those limited "services". You don't need a high-rated connection for gaming either. You don't need it for bullshit like twitter.

It makes lots of dollars and cents to the corporate world to provide us the least amount of service for the highest prices, but the average citizen hasn't gotten so stupid that they will allow them selves to be fucked this hard on their last line of entertainment and communication. ISPs want to have their cake and eat it too. That's not how the world works. Stop vilifying your customers in order to please an unrelated industry.

Aw Man
Annapolis, MD
·Verizon FiOS

I'm a "multimedia developer", fully legal, large-file content. I switched to DSL, then FIOS, for faster speeds primarily to get files out to customers faster.

I've done a little P2P but it's not a significant motivator.

Second most would be the 5 computers in the house for my family. Try doing that on dialup!

Is that a leap between P2P and 'streaming' I see? Who's protesting authorized streaming? Hulu and the like are great options to have!

My job and a large user base were primary reasons for my switch...but you're right, checking email faster was way down the list.
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