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Re: Pointless

And inaccurate. This only shows how fast the the connection between their servers and that user, not actually what speeds the ISP is actually supplying them. I have a full T1 which gives me 1386kbps after overhead like clockwork and this test reported 800/900 with 200ms latency (actual local latency is in the teens). So are they going to use that data to claim what the speeds are here? This is like that lame telecom union site that was equally inaccurate by design so that they could claim the need for billions in gov't spending on infrastructure.

This test also doesn't indicate what is AVAILABLE to subscribers, only a weak indicator of what they are CHOOSING to buy. What is available is just as or more important than what people are choosing to buy.

A complete waste of taxpayer dollars. They could get far more complete data by browsing speetest.net's results.

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said by Z80A:

A complete waste of taxpayer dollars.
Actually, this is probably incredibly cheap for the FCC to do. This uses NDT (free and open-source software) and Measurement-Lab (a free platform). It also uses Ookla (but I don't know if the arrangement is the same). That's not to mention that it's web based (free protocols and usually free software) and crowd-sourced.

said by Z80A:

They could get far more complete data by browsing speetest.net's results.
They could, but now they're also contributing to that dataset. That's even better.
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Until they cherry pick the data like all gov't institutions do.