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[DSL] Siemens Speedstream 4200 nightmare (ports)


My current set up is such: A linksys router, the WRT310N I believe. I can forward ports on it no problem.

about a year and a half ago, my ISP gave me a new modem, which is the titular one (speedstream 4200). I recently learned that this router has a build in router, or something, which blocks ports, making it meaningless if I open them on my router.

Now, I remember once long ago, I actually accessed it and forward a port to my router, which I forwarded to my PC. But that was a while ago. Also, this is my secondary house that I'm not at often, which is why this hasn't been a big deal before.

But the problem is, I can no longer access it. I've scoured the internet, and found that I access it with the any of the following links:


None of those work. However, did.. sort of. It only let me access the modem part, which was to input my sympatico (my ISP) information, and some status information. No way to access the ports or configuration.

But then I found this: »Unlocking your Speedstream 5200 E242

It's not for my router, but doing the stuff to access the config pages did work.

The problem then became, that when I tried to DMZ to my router ( it wouldn't let me, giving me an error about not being able to use that IP. At this point I was plugged directly into the modem, since I can't access it behind the router.

But I'm not even sure it would make a difference, as on those config pages I forwarded directly to my PC, but the port still didn't open.

So basically, I have no idea what to do, at all. I absolutely need to forward a port but see no way to do so. I've scoured the internet and can find no way to get around these problems.

If anyone has a solution, that'd be brilliant. If not.. what can I do? Can I ask Bell Sympatico for a new modem? Will that make a difference? I know at my other house, they set me up with a modem/router in one, which is REALLY convenient, as it lets me just forward the ports there easily and there's no issue, and I can bypass having another router all together. But will they even do this? Could I end up getting just another modem? Or worse, a router that is set up to not let me set up ports like this one?

I'd really appreciate some help here, I have no idea what to do and have exhausted every option I can find. :/

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»Bell Canada Internet FAQ »How do I change into bridged mode on the 4200?

Place the 4200 into Bridge Mode and then setup your Linksys Router to handle PPPoE and get the Public IP address. Then you will only need to configure Port Forwarding settings in the Linksys.

The Linksys will block access to the 4200 when it has a PPP Session/Public IP as Private LAN IPs are not routable past a Public IP. On top of the 4200 being unreachable while in Bridge Mode also.
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