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Richmond Hill, ON

SMCD3GN Firmware Update

I was just talking to a Rogers Csr due to my ongoing problem with my Docsis 3.0 service. Anyways She said that a firmware update is available for the SMCD3GN but some modems are not accepting it. She said to force it hold the reset button on the back of the modem for 30 second while its on but she was very unsure if anyone can pipe in here it would be great.

Also report what your software version is. Mine is still reading at Software Version:



In the last couple of days, I've gone from rock-steady 24/25 mbps to 5-7 mbps. When I called today to complain, the CSR told me the same thing... that my SMCD3GN wasn't accepting the latest firmware update (I show as well). She created a ticket for the call. I got a call a few hours later asking me to call them back to provide more info. I called, they told me to use www.echat.rogers.com. I did. In the end they had me ping/tracert yahoo.com a few times, and then submitted my issue AGAIN, creating another ticket. I went through something very similar with Bell a few months back when they released FTTN in my area (west Mississauga), and after many calls and visits by clueless techs, I ended up switching to Rogers. I hope it's not the same thing all over again (I've got nobody else to switch to!).


Richmond Hill, ON

At least you get your constant 24/25 mbits. My modem drops the channel bonding for no reason ( light turns from blue to green ) and i get 4 - 15 mbit. When rogers was diagnosing it i got 9mbits but they insisted nothing was wrong. Now i have a senior tech coming out on Thursday to bring my modem to the tap and make it register with it. They think something between the modem and the tap is causing it.


Oshawa, ON

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reply to brendanmurph

I had the same issue jumping speeds not sure if i still do but the 2nd level tech came said the lines are to old and ran a test line and the signal went up 6dB's (just have to wait for approval to replace line) but the jumpy speeds had nothing to do with old wiring because even with test line it was still jumping everywhere from 6Mb/s to 38Mb/s never a consistency already swapped the D3GN with another replacement prior to 2nd level tech coming out... HE then had to call his supervisor because it had something to do with the switches in the building or maintenance needed to be called. ANYWAYS that was yesterday today rogers maintenance came over to my apartment and tested with there test modem and a solid 49.9Mb/s on every test. so they said replace the modem well i just replaced it ran tests and a solid 49.9 they claimed they did nothing... who cares it's working now I'll let ya know if things change! but i need the updated firmware still