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This is a sub-selection from Stay far away from 3web

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Re: Stay far away from 3web

I signed on last summer. Regretted it often, came close to cancelling many times.

The net performance sucked but I was mainly in it for a phone so I stuck it out.

Now, one year later, the net side is acceptable and I feel my $47 monthly bill is a fair price.

However, I will cancel in a blink if service degrades as I have other phone options.
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The question is are you using DSL or Cable? Every service/area is different... Cable is very dependent on NODE/Area. I remember in Mississauga having HORRID service, but I have clear facts otherwise now living in Etobicoke and months later, things have been flawless.

The customer service even improved since the ownership change over.

DSL has many more factors... not always 3web's issues either if it has to do with the copper wire in your area. Disconnections etc. usually mean this over an actual service issue. The copper wire part of the service is managed and owned by Bell.. And they do things when they want and how they want.

New ownership based on how much of a mess 3web was left in, will require time to turn things around.. Cable provides more future right now over DSL, so I think more investment is going there first.
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This is a sub-selection from Stay far away from 3web