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Very interesting that Finland is making it mandatory for everyone to have internet. I for one support the idea and envy them for it. As most of you bicker back and forth about whats right or wrong, laws, money, ILEC/CLEC providers and ISP's. I can tell you this, I live 12 miles away from a decent sized town. The only ISP I can get is either satellite or a mom and pop ILEC phone company who is stuck in 1995 and wont up grade their network. They want to charge me 90$/mo for 1M/128k DSL. The satellite companies arent much better. I would love the idea of having more than just one ILEC ISP or one Satellite ISP to choose from. So many people take their 20Mbps internet service for granted. I would 100% support my government to set up a large network.


Out of curiosity. Which government would you support setting it up city/town, county, state, or federal? And the other question is would you be willing to pay for a bond, some tax, something else, or not at all?


I'd say Federal, or at least State. Economies of scale improve cost efficiency.

As to tax; sure I'm willing to pay some extra tax for it. It has to be paid for somehow, and getting this done inevitably improves the US long-term competitiveness in the global market.


Canonsburg, PA
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Federal and State as was done with the National Defense (Interstate) Highway System. When its size is considered there is not a better highway system in the world.


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To be honest, I would support all of my governments, city, state and federal. And YES I would pay a tax for it. It would be ridicules for me to want something and not pay for it. Again the bickering back and forth between most Americans is whats causing the problem. Everyone wants everything and they don't want to pay for it. Take a long look at a service member after a 6 month or 1 year deployment and you SHOULD see that it is being paid for. Maybe not directly from your or out of your paycheck but it is. And I believe that since I gave my time to serve my country it would be nice to be able to have the things that everyone else takes for granted.