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Tacoma, WA
reply to lil_209

Re: what can i do with my old 2wire dsl modem?

said by lil_209:

what can i do in order to use my 2wire modem/router as a router?
How good are you with a soldering iron? To use it as a router you will have to re-engineer the device.

said by lil_209:

can i just buy like some sort of rj11 to rj45 device and plug it in dsl port in the 2wire modem/router then plug the ethernet cable from the comcast modem to the rj11 to rj45 device?
Ummm... no. I suppose you could get your very own DSLAM and somehow rig your cable connection upstream from it. Are you getting the convolution/expense picture here? If you are too cheap to buy a new router (your words) then why are you willing to spend money on what would probably be a kludge here?

said by lil_209:

will this work?
Hmmm, lemme think about this from a different perspective.... Nope, the answer is still no.

said by lil_209:

im to cheep to buy a new router.
Sell the 2wire and use the $10 towards a router off of Ebay. If you find that still to be too expensive then put on your worst rags and go panhandle for a couple hours. At the right location you will get the $20 bucks for a router off Ebay in no time at all.

LOL, seriously though, this question comes up all the time. This is a consequence of using an all-in-one type of device. It is difficult or impossible to replace/upgrade just one of the components. Your 2wire device can still be used as a wireless access point, but not a router.

If you have a PC with two network cards you could use the PC to do your network routing (with ICS). It may be possible to do this on a PC with one network card, the M$ loopback virtual adapter, and use the 2wire's switch and wireless functionality as well. Hmmm... I may have to go play with that idea. lol

Save yourself some trouble and get a device designed to be used in your new arrangement.
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Auburn, GA
"Your 2wire device can still be used as a wireless access point, but not a router"

please read my post... i think this is what i need to do!!