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Staten Island, NY

[cable] SMCD3GN Modem for time warner problem

Ok here's the deal.
I'm sick and tired of my video games yelling at me and saying that I cant play/join people online because my NAT is Moderate or Strict. loves to change back and fourth.

We upgraded to the new 50Mbps for $100/month with Time Warner. Retarded, yes, but best option around here in Staten Island, NY.

The problem only seemed to get worse with our new SMCD3GN modem. We have a Linksys N router infront of it because we're NOT going to get scammed into paying ~per device for Wifi and garbage like that. It's stupidity.

But, problem is, with another router infront of the modem - apparently this makes NAT even WORSE~. Yes, worse. It's doubling up or whatever on the modem because the modem is also part router. It's stupidity.

I can't access the modem's config utility online no matter what IP I use or what port I'm connected to with or without the router connected too. Also it seems like my computers HAVE to be connected to the router, which will then be connected to the modem, in order to get internet. We cannot connect to the modem directly.

I'm getting pissed at these garbage modems. I don't think I can change this modem either. Maybe I'm under a wrong assumption. Can anyone correct me, help with my NAT problems, and/or help with the modem web config page?


Flushing, NY
·Time Warner Cable

You're double NATing by having the Linksys router after the SMC one. Not a good place to be in for gaming. But I was sure that if you asked the "right" people, they could disable the router portion of the SMC unit and just make it a straight through cable modem. Someone from the TWC has to do that for you though, AFAIK.

And you can change the modem. But you'll have to pay for it yourself. Order/buy a Motorola SB6120 and have it provisioned by TWC. It takes "up to" 72 hours for them to do it after you have the new modem in hand to pass the MAC address to TWC.


Woodside, NY
reply to OmegaNemesis6

Call Tech Support, Get Transferred to Level 3 and have them put the SMC Router into "Bridge Mode"

I actually, when I ordered the service, told them I was using my own router and they DELIVERED the smc thing to my house already IN bridge mode.

I'm using it with an Apple Airport extreme and my wired speeds are the advertised 50/5. Consistently. It's amazing they can do this but they can't get their act together and offer consistent speeds with standard internet in my area

Anyway, I've heard that some level 3 techs don't know how to do this, but I assure you it is possible. I'm using it right now.

There's no double nat; torrents, gaming, remote VNC, port forwarding, all the usual shenanigans work great.