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This is a sub-selection from Steaming service stinks

Jason Levine

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reply to SixSpeed

Re: Steaming service stinks

Well, I'm only 34 and I find their streaming selection prety good. It could be better but that's more the fault of the studios than Netflix. Netflix is making deals as quick as they can and would toss everything on streaming if they could.

Meanwhile, my 2 sons (age 6 and 3) love Netflix streaming. There are tons of kids shows on streaming (current like Dora and older like Rugrats). I hand the oldest the Roku remote and they go to town watching show after show.

I guess it all boils down to your taste vs what Netflix is currently allowed to stream.

As far as waiting to get DVDs, I've never run into that problem. After I send a DVD back, I typically have a new one in 3 days. I think I've only had one time when the item on the top of my queue wasn't available. Then again, most of the stuff I have on my queue isn't new release material. YMMV.
-Jason Levine

Uncle Paul

I'm 41 and find the Steaming selection while large mostly B movies or old titles. Typically anything you'd go to a B&M store and find dust on. If you really like old, foreign, obscure, or indie stuff then they have plenty of content for you. If you're looking for stuff typically released in the last year... not so much.

My 5yo daughter finds the kids selections 'ok'.

It's good if you want to watch old TV series though.


reply to Jason Levine
Inspector Gadget FTW!
My kids love it, and brings back memories for me!

Jason Levine
Inspector Gadget was one of the first titles they found and burned through. My son still pretends that he has "gadgets" like Inspector Gadget has.
-Jason Levine