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This is a sub-selection from Steaming service stinks


reply to xenophon

Re: Steaming service stinks

When i saw u post dragon tattoo (men who hate women) Swedish title , i had to comment . That movie was off the chart it was mind boggling; If i did not have a netflix account i wouldnt have found it since they try to find your likes and recommend movies according to your preferences. I think the service is pretty good and will get better as long as Hollywood plays along. Also, advancement in technology to provide more bandwidth they will be able to some day provide Blue-ray quality movies without connection problems. I see hollywood like old people, set on their ways, never wanting to change. Hopefully little by little they will see that this is profitable business and what people really want. I cant remember the last time i bought a DVD or CD. So if they want to change consumer behavior tough luck cause i'm never going back, i love netflix streaming service.


Chicago, IL
Yes Dragon Tatto was awesome but when I told my cousin about it he said it was on redbox around the same time


Wakefield, MA
The girl with the dragon tatoo ? Good movie.

First seen it thanks to netflix.