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Erin L

[Speed Problem] DSL doesn't work at night

My AT&T Internet works just fine during the day, but around 8 p.m. it slows to a crawl and will load/access absolutely nothing. I work at night, so this is a real problem for me. This has been happening for almost two weeks. What can I do to fix this problem?

Reno, NV
This info would help to start: »AT&T West FAQ » What information do you need in order to help me with my DSL problem?
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Did a neighbor recently install U-Verse? I've found that U-verse has the ability to trash co-joined/bundled plain DSL connections. 8:00PM seems to be the magic time when people sit down to watch prime time TV. Just a thought.


Santa Clara, CA
I am having the exact same problem for the last few months. It's very annoying. U-verse explanation is interesting. What can we do? Any suggestions bbear or anyone?

The first thing is that it's difficult to pin it on U-Verse specifically. But when I mentioned to the tech that came out that the problems seem to start x-months ago, he asked me how long have your neighbors had U-verse? Then the light went on. He said the problem is that you have the high speed TV transmission running very near your wires, whether it's next door or simply in the 50 pair huge bundle cable, etc. And when this happens, your bound to get interference. The only thing you can do is to ask your neighbor to cancel their U-Verse, ask them not to watching TV when you want to use your internet, or see if the tech can find you a different set of copper that is further away from U-Verse coppers. Until of course someone else orders U-verse again next to you.

The reality is that the copper infrastructure we have today was never meant for DSL signals let alone the high speed U-Verse. It's amazing any of this works.

I guess you could always get U-Verse yourself and then pollute someone else's DSL. Bottom line is that ATT will fall back on their no speed guarantee and if they have to drop you to a lower speed to keep your connected, well that's ok for them since your a cheap DSL customer and not a higher paying U-verse one.
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Re: [Speed Problem] DSL doesn't work at night

Street light that was recently replaced may cause interference or one that switches on/off (flickering) that is nearly worn out. Determine if their is a correlation between the lights being on and your signal going out.