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4G Only

Clearwire needs to avoid these 4G only mobile devices. It's fine for fixed home modems but mobile devices definitely need 3G for backup. Wouldn't even begin to go there.

Sprint needs to offer a day/week/monthly option for 3G/4G phone tethering. That would be much more useful.

Villa Park, IL

Agreed. 4G coverage is still in a swiss cheese state. It's been getting much better in my area, but I still don't rely solely on my 4G modem when I'm travelling in the area.



They'll only piss off users when they can't get a connection on the road, ultimately losing those customers. If they focus only on 3G/4G mobile devices, they'd likely have more interest and more long term success. This is simply going to fail.


Lincolnshire, IL
reply to xenophon

Clear does have their own branded Spot 4G+ that does 3G - it's the same Sierra Wireless made device as Sprint's Overdrive. One hundred and fifty dollars less than Sprint to buy without a contract, and Five dollars less a month than Sprint charges. No daily or weekly pricing though.
Jeff Howe
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San Jose, CA

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reply to xenophon


try to use it on the commuter train from suburbs to the city, very frustrating

You will be constantly disconnected at hand-offs.

And when I live in suburbs and wanna use laptop outside home, I'll go to starbucks open till 12 am with free-wifi and nice couch chairs with tables.

Might use on sundeck but thats when only sun is not too bright and only few months a year.

In parks, beach - no who the hell carries there laptop? I'll use Iphone from my pocket if I need to check some information other than that I am there to enjoy the day.

In other places, lots of shops with wi-fi. Unless Clear/Rover offers good service for commuting its no good.

Clear for now has no use for me.