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Washington, DC

4g speeds?

I thought that Clear could hit some pretty fast speeds with current 4G

Puck speed from the website:
3-6 Mbps Download and Up to 1 Mbps Upload

I wonder if it can go faster, but they are showing what the majority of 4G users get. If so, applause for good advertising practice.


Springfield, OR
Typical speed when I had it was 9Mbps-12Mbps down. The up is capped at 1Mbps usually, there were a few occasions during what were probably tests where it was uncapped and people got around 3Mbps-5Mbps up. This was a year ago in Portland, I hear people are getting upto 16Mbps (some users report rates as high as 20-30Mbps range even) more consistently these days...
www.aimless.us - irc.aimless.us channel #fix


Seattle, WA
reply to axus
WiMax is capable of higher speeds but has to compromise in the number of users that it can support especially based on the providers back haul internet connection from the tower.

After almost 6 months of service, I am not impressed with the speed, quality or reliability of the service and can not wait to see how LTE form ATT/Verizon fares against WiMax.

But I am planning to switch back to DSL/Cable once I move in a few months ... at least they offer stable and reliable service for fixed locations.

From what I understand, the CPE that was issued for earlier WiMax services had much better reception and external antenna ports ... the new class of CPE does not and is frankly junk because their omni directional antennas are not very good and still sensitive to placement or alignment with the tower.