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Yarmouth Port, MA
reply to Frostbite

Re: Earl arrives Friday/Saturday to spend Labor Day with us!

said by Frostbite:

It is a rare event to have a hurricane come up to meet us. In fact, the last hurricane to hit New England was Hurricane Bob in 1991, which was a category 2 storm. In 1997, we had brushes with Edouard and Fran, but I believe both were just strong Tropical Storms.

I had friends visiting on a cross-country roadtrip from Portland, OR at the time, and they insisted on driving up the Cape to P'town during Edouard. We fought crosswinds on US-6 going up that way but stayed well on the road, and then we watched seagulls in nearly suspended animation as they tried to fly into the headwinds. By the time we got back down to West Yarmouth, the winds had died down, and we had dinner at a restaurant there. (I wonder if Mama Angie's is still on 28?)
Nothing personal, but stay home. Traffic is going to be a bitch... Mama Angie's is a Mexican place now.


Marlborough, MA

Oh, I have no intention of doing anything like that ever again! That was practically a once in a lifetime opportunity. Had they not insisted, I wouldn't have even thought of such a thing.

On the topic, I remember we did stop at the CCM on the way up the Cape, and we had lunch in the food court. Every couple of minutes, the power to the entire food court would blink off for about 15 seconds and then come back on.

Sorry to hear that a good Italian place turned Mexican. Not that I dislike a good fajita, but MA was one of my favorites when I would spend a weekend in W. Yarmouth.
-Frosty, KA1FOX