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Boonville, MO
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Re: FCC & SamKnows

I stand a better chance of the FCC helping not only me, but others as well, get better broadband than waiting for AT&T to invest a nickel in their network. They seem to invest real well in making sure they have the technology to do price increases every year, but when it comes to upgrading -- as our local line tech (we have ONE for the entire city) told me, he has people begging for DSL but AT&T refuses to invest the money to simply lay another 50-pair copper line less than 1 mile.

If history serves me correctly, if it wasn't for the government stepping in many people in rural areas across this nation would still be without power, phone and running water.

Putting all your "faith" into large corporations is about as foolish as putting all your "faith" into the government. Sometimes you need oversight, and the fact that America is light years behind most of the rest of the industrialized world in broadband access and speeds (despite us paying through the nose) tells me that something needs to change -- and if it takes government action to do so, then so be it.

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Littleton, CO
"Government action" is already the cause of broadband development being crippled. If something the FCC did would actually help, it might be another issue, but that isn't going to happen. Remember net neutrality? Digital television?

This does sound like another way to increase their budget - and guess who pays for that?
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