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Frisco, TX
reply to motorola870

Re: [TWC] Dallas/Ft Worth Metro Vol II -- Time Warner

said by motorola870:

they have added all of the announced HD today execpt KFWD HD, TVONE HD, and GALAVISION HD
They went live today?


Plano, TX
I see them all in 75075, I think its all have not went through everything yet.
"I'm new I don't know what to do"

Joe Siegler

Garland, TX
I'll have to check shortly, as my kid is watching her post school PBS shows at the moment.

But yeah, I think the one thing I want more than any other channel at the moment is BBC America HD.

Joe Siegler

Garland, TX

1 edit
My list in the first message had a few errors, I noticed. One of which was having G4 in there twice.

Here's an updated list of what was added today.

727 - The Outdoor Channel HD
728 - Investigation Discovery HD
729 - G4 HD
730 - HSN HD
731 - WE HD (Women's Channel, I think)
732 - History International HD
733 - The Cooking Channel HD
734 - DIY HD
735 - CMT HD
737 - Nickolodeon HD
742 - Fox Business HD
743 - TruTV HD
750 - VH1 HD
772 - National Geographic Wild HD
782 - NBA TV HD
793 - GOL TV HD
794 - Big Ten HD
795 - Tennis Channel HD
818 - HBO Latino HD
819 - HBO Family HD
821 - HBO Zone HD
826 - Action Max HD
831 - Showtime 2 HD
957 - Team HD PPV

Of these, there's several I appear not to have a programming level for. They are: 732, 733, 734, 793, and 818 - 957.

These are the three yet to go out.

441 - KFWD HD
725 - TV One HD
726 - Galavision HD

I would have liked to have had KFWD in HD when they were running the original Star Trek episodes on Sunday nights in their remastered form.

Edit: I've submitted a missing channel report for all the channels added today (even the ones I don't have access to due to not having digital plus tier) with TiVo. Hopefully we'll get some listings by the weekend, but I'd say start of next week might be more realistic.


Arlington, TX
817 HBO comedy HD
832 showtime showcase HD
839 Starz Egde HD

were also added so they need a missing channel report.

Joe Siegler

Garland, TX

1 edit
said by motorola870:

817 HBO comedy HD
832 showtime showcase HD
839 Starz Egde HD

were also added so they need a missing channel report.

Edit: All these channels show up on as "null" channels, which is what happened to 'em a day or three before showing up on my TiVo with guide info. Either they acted really quickly on my reports, or someone else had gotten 'em in before me.