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Waterbury, CT

99 cents a day..

has the taxpaying New Yorker all shook up?
Is he also concerned that taxi cabs make money off taxpayer funded streets?

TW And cablevision are FOR PROFIT Companies..not charity organizations. The point of what they're doing is that they're putting up front 10 million dollars so that people can have a service in the parks if they want it and if they choose to use it.
That doesn't and shouldn't make it be a free service.

The fact that they're going to spend the 10 million and allow everyone a free 30 mins a month on the service is well intended I think and targets the casual user who might want to check their email ..maybe get directions if they're a traveler or whatever. It's not about providing someone a 24/7 connection to replace their home connection. And, if that's what they want..99 cents a day..priced PER DAY mind you..is also a very fair price to ask for such a considerable upfront investment.

It's great that NY will have this. And the price and terms are fair.


Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable
I'm curious about whether TWC/CV/Comcast customers get free park WiFi. If so, the deal's even sweeter. Folks with FiOS pay 99 cents per day, people with cable get the service for free. The $10 million is NOT taxpayer money so I see no problem with this.

reply to Rick
For that price, you can get a cell phone data plan and have access while moving and in places other than the parks.
Critics are asking if Megyn Kelly blows goats.