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robin bjerke


[Help] Belkin G router causing internet speed drop


I recently got myself a Belkin G wireless router for my room at uni. It works, sends wireless and all that but there is a very annoying problem. The speed in my room is great, 7MBs, and when f.eks watching youtube the video will load very well for the first 10 seconds or so and then stop. The vid plays up to that point, and I then have to click the blob on the timeline to make the video reload from that point. Repeat.

With youtube it's a hassle, but survivable. It does this however with everything, so software updates and downloads will stop after a couple of seconds (it varies). I know its the router itself and not just the wireless, as I have the same problem when wired into the router. When I am wired directly to the wall there is no problem whatsoever.

Has anyone had a similar problem? I really need this fixed xD

thank you all,


United State
Just to confirm it is your router's fault - if you connect your PC directly the connection provided by your university does it still happen?

Use something like »www.passmark.com/products/wirele ··· itor.htm to determine what wifi channels are in use around you - then try changing your router's channel to something different (ideally 3 channels away from most used or strongest channel you find)

Robin Bjerke

reply to robin bjerke
Yes, the problem is in the router, as when I plug directly into the wall I have no issues whatsoever. Plugging directly into the router however, gives me the problem. So I dont think its just the wireless but the router as a whole.

Can't use the program you linked me to because I have a mac.


United State
The first two links should work on your mac...
»www.google.com/search?q=mac+wire ··· rtPage=1

Or, just try changing to channels 1, 6, or 11 and see what works best.
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