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[Help] Belkin Basic Wireless Network

Just purchased Belkin Basic wireless router and 2 Basic USB wireless adapters. Installed Router on 1 desktop (running Windows XP pro sp2, 1 gig ram,ecs kt600a motherboard, sempron 2400). Installed basic USB adapter on second desktop (Win XP pro sp2, athalon 2600, 1gig ram, nVidia-nForce motherboard) as well as an adapter on first computer.

Second computer as well as Wii console in next room both connect to internet as soon as installation was complete. First computer( with router software installed) will not connect wireless, and will not "see" wireless network.

On both computers, under 'control panel/network/Internet Gateway', it shows:

WAN Connection on F7D1301 v1
WAN Connection on F7D1301 v1

On computer no.1 (with router software, and USB connector installed) under 'control panel/network/LAN or High-Speed Internet it shows:

Wireless Network Connection
Belkin Basic Wireless USB adapter

On computer no.2 (with only USB adapter installed) under 'control panel/network/LAN or High-Speed Internet' it shows:

Wireless Network Connection
Connected (or Acquiring network address)
Belkin Basic Wireless USB adapter

Wii console connected immediatly after installation

comp no.2, W/O router software, displays a speed of 150 mps and excellent signal strength when you mouse over the icon for the wireless adapter in the task bar. Internet connection on this Comp is wireless, flawless and at least as fast as the wired connection was before, even though the router shows to be disconnected?

Comp no.1, with the router software, will not connect wireless, no way, no how, and has to use wired connection to get on the internet.

Wii console is fat, dumb, and happy, connected 24/7 with no drops.

Have managed to make Comp 1 show connection for short time, as in 15-30 seconds, but it drops right back out.

On Comp 2 (w/o router software) the icon in the task bar for the adapter normally shows connected with excellent signal strength. However if I attempt to force the router to show connected, the icon in the task bar begins showing:

speed: 150 Mbps
signal strength; excellent
status: acquiring network address

it continues to display this until you boot the computer, at wich time the 'acquiring net addy' will change to 'connected'. All the while the internet connection is up and running, speed unaffected by whatever the status messages show.

Internet connection is wireless through a local isp, Starnet, only thing i can get out here in the boonies.

I've tried most of the really obvious stuff, like changing the adapters from comp to comp, (no differance),changed router software to comp 2, which simply reversed the problem, made sure wireless zero configuration service was turned on in windoze, changed wap to wep, pulled the rest of my hair out, etc, etc. Finally in desperation, called Belkin customer service, (You will be having 2 desktop connects?) Man they were a joke.

One last thing, when i go to 'view available wireless networks' , comp 2 shows belkins network,even thou the router is showing 'not connected', while comp 1 shows no wireless networks available and tells me windows cannot configure this network?

All installations of drivers, hardware,etc was done by the book.


Thanks for any ideas,



Let's move you over to our Wireless Networking and see if we can get you some help with your setup.