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Irvington, AL
reply to blackthought

Re: The Death of the Cat

said by blackthought:

Wow Player: This game is cake, there is no challenge blizzard you suck

Blizzard: Ok HERE, we've changed everything have fun re-learning

Wow player: QQ, QQ, QQ


Take it for what it's worth, A NEW GAME EXPERIENCE.

I'm looking forward to having to relearn priorities and rotations and such.
Wow last time I was hearing about a New Game Experience it was from SOE when they completely change Star Wars Galaxies and look how well that turned out. It's why I play WOW by the way.
I'm really glad that you are looking forward to relearning and such. However, if I want a new game I'll go by a new game. I don't think just relearning your rotation is gonna bring back 50-60% of your dps.

Cary, NC
Rotations for kitties stay the same except for when the mob is below 25%(?). Then FB will refresh Rip, allowing us to dump our CP specifically into the boss. That, and we now have the ability to reliably interupt with skullbash which when talented (pretty much a must) gives us an interupt on 10 sec cd that does not require CP to work as a finisher like maim currently does.