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Re: The Death of the Cat

said by stvnbrs:

TBH the class isn't broken or messed up, the numbers are just down. Numbers are easy to fix as has been said before. Implementing a new UI or class mechanic can take much more work and break in many ways. Kitties were left pretty much alone with the exception of a few new abilities, double auto-attacks, stampeding roar and skull bash. Nothing is ground breaking, they just need to adjust our numbers to fit more in line with what the caster dps is putting out.
Ture it's not broken in the sense that it will take new talents to fix. But when the 4.0.1 patch goes live I will no longer be able to go into ICC/Ulduar and who knows where else in a kitty spec. That is broken to me because I was trying to get a few Ulduar and ICC achievements and mounts.

I could tank but then our current tanks would have to drop out or change specs. So while the numbers will eventually be fixed and adjusted it does break the game for now and this prevents me from playing for the next few weeks (or until they change things).


Aurora, CO
can't go Shroomkin?


said by bTU:

can't go Shroomkin?
I could but my gear would suck. I knew I should have taken all those drops that we DE'd.

Cary, NC
That makes complete sense, and is something that I am worried about myself. Thankfully, I have 5, 5k gs sets sitting in the bank including a tank set. More than likely, unless the kitty is fixed prior, I will hang up my kitty for bear and boomkin. With tank queues as fast as they are, I am hoping to amass a boomie set quickly. This of course assumes that heroics don't become impossibly difficult or that players don't fail.