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Stittsville, ON
reply to HiVolt

Re: T3 timeouts

This story has a happy ending.

A third tech came out after logging my third service call. This guy was an independent contracted by Rogers. The guy appeared to know his stuff and showed good initiative. I showed him the logs and then off he went, in the rain, to check the line exterior to my home. He says he found two couplings which showed their age, i.e. rusting or whatever. He was surprised that one of the other techs hadn't noticed this. He replaced them and I've been running now for 24 hours without a single error log. Normally, I would have had hundreds of error logs by now and a few modem resets. Not only did this tech fix my problem but he gave me his personal home phone number to call if the problem continued. He said if it did then he'd log some sort of other ticket that would get a more extensive investigation done. As it turns out, no need for that. I'm happy that he resolved it.

All in all, not bad service. My only really bad experience was my online chat with Puneet who recommended that I swap my modem out. When I told him I had already done that three times, he asked me if he could do anything more for me. I replied that he hadn't fixed my problem yet. His response was to close the online dialog box. At first I was miffed but then I had a good chuckle over it.

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Well done duesling ... glad you got somebody who was interested in solving the problem. This is the problem we seem to face so often with the first level people we meet in the field, on the phone and online ... to all of them, it's just a job, get the call closed as quick as possible.

Toronto, ON
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reply to duesling

That's the exact same thing that happened to me with the last tech. The guy gave me his number as well.

No offense to anyone, but the first two techs that came were asian and didnt do shit beyond saying the signal is fine and swapping a modem.

The last tech was a young white guy in his mid 20s. did his job, took half hour, re-did all the connectors and stuff. I havent had any issues since.
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