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Good stuff

Long past are the days of content being physical, it is good to see some companies adapt and thrill well others based one fail models die(IE blockbuster).

HD streaming is the best way to enjoy content, going across town and renting stuff only to have to go and return it is a fail system that has no place in the modern era.


Baltimore, MD
When we got our internet ready LG (Infinia 60PK750) Plasma TV, we noticed that we could choose between streaming Netflix and Vudu. Netflix already offered a $7.95 per month streaming only option with the first month free (which we opted for). We have been streaming a lot in the last week (including some high def movies). It does not seem to make a major dent in my 250 gig/month Comcast cap. Next step (with trembling hands) is to see how big a dent streaming 1080P movies to the TV using VUDU HDX option. Pricey Vudu charges like $5.99 per movie for HDX movies (1080P) compared to $4.99 for regular HD and $3.99 (I believe) for standard def movies.