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Seattle, WA

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Problems w/ 7x T1s ran 150' from the DMARC

I need to run 7x T1s ~150' from the DMARC for our new XO EoS service. It's basically seven T1s that are bonded together as I understand it.

The first tech that came out from XO today wasn't able to finish the install because the T1s weren't syncing. This is how he wired it:

5th floor DMARC 7x SmartJacks > 90' 4x UTP CAT5 cables > 10th floor punch panel w/ D50 connector > 50' RJ21 CAT3 cable > D50 connector on office server room punch panel > 4x 5' UTP CAT5 > punch panel w/ D50 connector > 10' RJ21 CAT3 cable > D50 connector on Adtran concentrator.

The wiring seemed like a mess to me with no forethought about length of the run and proximity of the T1 lines with regards to the EMI of 7 T1s being ran together. I've always been instructed that you should run T1s to the CPE via 100ohm shielded T1 cable wired in an RJ48 configuration with as few terminations made as possible.

Am I being overly cautious in thinking that the XO tech's wiring isn't going to work?

I'm thinking that a possible solution could be:

5th floor DMARC 7x SmartJacks > 140' 7x RJ48C STP T1 cable running up through the 10th floor DMARC > office server room punch panel w/ D50 connector > 10' RJ48M > D50 connector on Adtran concentrator

If you have the experience to help please let me know what yout think. Thank you!!!


Seattle, WA

Re: Need 7x T1s ran 150' from the DMARC

Or what if I ran a 150' cable like this all the way from the 5th floor DMARC to our Adtran on the 10th floor in our server room: »blog.connectzone.com/bid/43234/C···semblies



Seattle, WA
reply to aaronmarks
Today was a challenge but XO at least eventually got the 7 circuits up and running as reported by the ADTRAN multiplexer/concentrator. Unfortunately though, my speeds are ranging a lot more than I'd expect from a business grade T1 based circuit. I'm getting anywhere from 7-10mbps on the downstream and 6-8 mbps on the upstream. It seems to me like there must be a problem with 1 or 2 of the T1 circuits to be causing this, but I'm definitely not seeing any of the lights turning colors, reporting errors, on the front of the ADTRAN.

I still feel like I must be getting interference on the lines or have bad wiring at some point. There are so many T1s and other equipment that the 150 feet of these T1s run by (including just being next to eachother for that many feet) that EMI seems like it could be a real problem considering that there is zero shielding.

I've called XO's NAC and requested that they look into it but they say that the "NIUs" aren't wired with a loopback and aren't a real smart jack so they have no way of remotely testing the T1s.

This kind of seems like a joke to me that they can't even tell me how stable the circuits are but for the time being I'm stuck with this EoS while I wait another 2-3 months for them to deliver my DS3.

Any advice or experience that might be helpful? Thank you!


Seattle, WA
In the end, everything ended up going horribly wrong. XO's network basically isn't suitable for 3rd party VoIP as their reps and techs/engineers finally explained to me. Due to the layering/peering relationships and policing they do, the voice has to deal with major jitter.

I called up my sales rep at XO, cancelled the service, and then called up Integra and they came out in less than a week and had the same service installed with ZERO PROBLEMS.

The 7x bonded T1s are entirely a temporary solution though and it turns out that Integra will be bringing me a 50m fiber connection by the end of January!


Minneapolis, MN
·Integra Telecom
I've had great experiences with Integra and have heard nothing but bad things about XO. So your experience does not surprise me one bit.

With that said, glad to hear you made a change and are having no issues now. Fiber is also a nice bonus.


Seattle, WA
A month in now on the 50Mbps EoF service which ended up being delivered at 100Mbps (bonus!) and I couldn't be more satisfied. Integra's customer service has been top-notch and they really came to the plate and delivered on this latest dealing I had with them.