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Randolph, NJ

The case of the Irate Spammer

When I maintained a personal web page, I had a full page of Spammer email addresses (including the addresses of the FTC, FBI etc..) as bait for spam bots so the spammers would be spammed (this was before the WIDESPREAD use of hijacked and falsified addresses) as well as blindly spamming law enforcement.

I got this list from a .sig that I found in a USENET posting, and had added some of the worse spammers to hit my mailbox.

One day, I get an IRATE email from one of the addresses on the list threatening me with legal action because of all the spam they got as a result of my posting their address. They vehemently denied they were spammers. I believe that I had indeed received spam from that address.

In the interests of harmony, I replied that I was SO SORRY, and would remove their address from my page. I also sent them the DejaNews link containing literally THOUSANDS of USENET messages which had also appropriated the Spammer blacklist as well as a short AltaVista search showing literally HUNDREDS of web pages that had posted the list in some form or other (including their address). LOL! I felt flattered to be singled out..

Recluse (user of SPAMCOP now!)

Doctor Four
My other vehicle is a TARDIS
Dallas, TX

I believe this is similar to the story of Bernard
Shifman, a Chicago computer consultant who
spammed his resume across the web and to an address
belonging to anti spam activist Neil Schwartzman. When
Neil reported this to his ISP, Bernie responded by
sending nasty replies and threatening legal action. He
committed barratry (inciting a lawsuit without following
up on it), and ruined any possible chance of him getting
a job in the IT industry. The full story of this is
evolving as Bernie is still at it - the page Neil put up
is here: »www.petemoss.com/spamflames/Shif···mer.html
BTW, this was first reported by someone here in the
Watercooler about 2 months ago. The story has taken on
a life of its own.
"The trouble with computers, of course, is that they're
very sophisticated idiots." -
Doctor Who