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Philadelphia, PA

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reply to CableTool

Re: Quad-Tuner DVR

said by CableTool:

...I cant imaging storing 20 hrs of HD programming let alone 60...

I think you're in the minority. Remember that when DVR's first came out, they could always store 60-80 hours of "the highest quality programming available". [Not our fault that was only SD]. That's what we want now. We should have to choose between 4 hours of SD programming, or 1 hr of HD programming.

I'm not forcing Comcast to make every HD DVR have a 500GB-1TB drive in it. There probably are people like you that don't need that much recording space, and don't want to spend extra money on larger drives. But like FIOS (is starting to do), at least make the eSATA port functioning, so that if I choose to increase the storage capacity of my DVR, I can.



Des Plaines, IL
Directv may have a 1TB or more in there 4-6 tuner MRV box that roomed not only that they pushed out a firmware update for all of the HR2X boxes that adds support for 4K sectors so you can hook real big disks to there WORKING E-sata ports.