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reply to Mr Matt

Re: Will Comcast charge customers to make up for lost reveue.

If they come through this will be a good thing. I have an inherent distrust of them, but this is good stuff.

As far as I am concerned, the actual definition of broadband is the opposite of narrowband - i.e. dialup. Really, broadband was defined back when it first came out, and 256k was the speed. If it was broadband then it is broadband now - make up another name if you want to distinguish 4mb up 1mb down. Now I would personally never want speeds that low, but if I was broke and it was the difference between my sons having an internet connection for school and not I would deal without Youtube. Even then, 1.5mb can be used on youtube just fine with a little patience.

Also, the letter says 400,000 homes - not adding 400,000 subscribers or any of the other nitpicking here. Comcast screws up more than often enough that we don't have to make crap up to make them look bad. RTFA before making stuff up please.

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
They also never promised 400k subscribers. They promised 4500 miles of plant extension over 3 years which is estimated to bring in 400k subscribers.

One thing they have promised is service to six additional rural communities.

I'm yet to see that from Verizon FiOS who gets a lot of praise on this site. In fact Verizon has been dumping rural markets, not wiring them up with next gen broadband. In fact Verizon seems content sticking rural areas with crappy LTE and then uses this to create an artificial spectrum crisis so they can run to uncle sam begging for more spectrum. Comcast seems to be doing more for rural America than Verizon is.