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Saint Louis, MO

Why rock the boat?

With the rules being so incredibly lax, I am wondering why they are rocking the boat. If it does get struck down then congress will have to act. While congress is paid well enough they may (if a big stink gets raised, think TW cap/overage thing a couple of years ago) actually do something meaningful. I am surprised that they are taking the risk.

Karl Bode
News Guy
To ensure the FCC can't move the line or toughen the rules in the future.


Saint Louis, MO
Yeah, but they could make the same challenge then (after they actually made them do something) as they are making now. Right now they are not being made to do anything, but if they fight this some regulations MIGHT be put in place that does actually make them do something. Risk/reward thing. Occasionally congress will actually do something if a big enough stink is raised. Net neutrality has been in front of people long enough now that people(regular people not just us) are starting to ask why no one has dealt with it.