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River Falls, WI


Most ISPs have fair usage regulations. I don't particularly love that concept, there are other options though, depending on where you love.

If I was in your situation, I would strongly consider doing what Monticello MN did. Their local ISP had some poor prices with poor service and the population became fed up so the town started their own fiber ISP. They didn't have it nearly as bad as you seem to in terms of prices, if you were on the moon or deep under the oceans surface, I might say those are acceptable prices. But I bet you are well within the reaches of fiber optic cables.

The mark up is kind of outrageous, but giving them a zero percent ranking is like they raped your mother or something. They just charge harsh pricing, everything else sounds likely to work well. Start up an ISP, or shop for another if it is an option.

Crunching for Cures
It does not work like that in Canada anymore bro, it is a 2 party system like in the states where they can get away with anything.

Can you honestly say it is acceptable for an isp that has more market dominance then any American ISP can get away with 75gig limits on 100 dollars tiers?

We have cable or DSL from to providers that collude to lower limits and enforce these inflated fees. Heck our regulators where just about to enforce these limits on wholesale independent isps saying a 15% discount on them was more then fair because bell said so....
15% off a 10000% markup up per gig great...(especially when you can enforce it on customers that are not your own)

The system is broken so any isp that supports such actions should get a zero in scores regardless of how fast they install service etc.


reply to pinjas
said by pinjas:

Most ISPs have fair usage regulations.

Those of you who are fortunate enough to be in TekSavvy's service area, it has increased its cap from 200G to 300G (while Bell & Shaw have dropped theirs). It also kept its price the same (while Bell & Shaw increased theirs). And on top of all that, for an additional $10 a month, you can get unlimited (no such option with Bell or Shaw).