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Cypress, TX

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Router not getting Wan IP from Modem

HI, I am trying to get a Wan IP from a Speedstream 5360 modem to a WHR HP G54 Router running ddwrt. It just suddenly stopped working. It was set it up back in December and its been working fine every since a couple of days ago . I have reset the modem and the router several times to try to sync them, but it does not help. All the lights are on the modem. I haven't yet tried to see if I am getting a connection straight from the modem.

If I hook the modem directly to the computer and try to establish a connection, and then copy the mac address from the computer to the router, and then setup the router, should that work?


Cypress, TX
Which AT&T DSL Package do you have –
Pro (3.0Mbps down)

2) Which modem brand and model do you have? Speedstream 5360

3) Are you using a router?
Yes, I am using a Buffalo WHR HP G54

4) Is your PPPoE login info (username & password) entered in the modem, in your router or do you use PPPoE software?
Entered in the router.

5) Describe the lights on the modem when the trouble occurs.
Pwr, enet, and dsl lights lit and steady.
and the ACT light is not working

6) Confirm that you’ve checked to ensure that ALL devices plugged into the wall jacks serviced by your DSL phone number (except the DSL modem) have filters fitted.
Yes, they are

7) Confirm that you’ve powered off the modem and started it again and whether or not that made any changes with your problem.


8) Do you hear any type of noise on the DSL phone line or any other unusual telephone symptoms?


9) Provide line stats as follows…

No stats available since the 5360 is just a bridge.

10) If you have a speed problem, use the AT&T Speed Test here --

Do not have a established connection to post speed

reply to bigal440
You should try setting up the computers pppoe client and hook the modem directly to the computer and try to establish a pppoe connection

pppoe connections don't use the mac address for authentication

If there's a chance that the username password has problems you can use