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Austin, TX
reply to Hatdude

Re: Ubee DDW3611 Bridge Mode??

I am also in Austin. Were you able to put the UBEE 3611 in bridge mode? I spoke to TW Tier 3 and they had no clude. Problem seems that they do not have the MSO user/pass as of yet. Hopefully u did bette rthan I did, and if so, could you spread the info.


They would not do it remotely and required that a technician come to the house. Problem is the tech showed up and looked at me blankly and said "I don't know how to do that". I got him to call in and of course the guy on the other end had no clue either. He finally got to someone that kind of knew what should be done and after ~15 attempts he got in and made the change.

This would have been 1000% easier if they just gave the login credentials to the customer. The admin login does not give you all *that* much more capability.


Huh. That was more than they offered me. I'm in San Antonio, TX. I just got the Ubee DDW3611 modem about 3 days ago when I moved my service to my new house. When I called into tech support to get it put into bridged mode I was immediately escalated up to tier 3. I had to wait on hold for about 20-30 minutes for the tier 3 tech, only to be told that they don't support bridged mode and will not change it over. I then opened a topic in the Time Warner Direct forum to ask if it was possible for me to just purchase my own DOCSIS 3 modem and use that instead. The answer was no, but that they'll escalate my issue to the local office to contact me to change the setting over. Going onto two days, still no call.

The modem itself has surprisingly robust hardware, it almost makes me want to use it... but there are just some key features that are missing from it that I get with my current router, such as bandwidth monitoring, VPN services, and VLAN support. Also, I haven't been able to test out the wireless on the modem because the install tech took the antennas with him for some reason...

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Might as well give Time Warner a call about the Antenna replacements then, if the tech took them along with him. Otherwise, the Ubee modem might use standard Reverse SMA Antennas, so if you have any sitting around from an older router you could try attaching them.