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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River


You said:

"Hopefully that approach will work, because Cox won't help you at all with nuisance or harassing calls unless you open up your wallet."

So WHY did you score them 100 percent for Value for Money, and 95 percent overall?

By the way, if you used an independent VoIP provider like CallCentric, Voip.MS, or VOIPo, you could easily block calls at no extra charge!


Tempe, AZ
I scored them as I did for the reason stated above:

Pros: Excellent cable and phone service quality

I also have Cox High Speed Internet - I was one of the first in the region to get it over a decade ago, and I have absolutely no complaint about that. I've also had Cox Phone since they introduced it, and have never had an issue until I discovered exactly how concerned they are about this type of incident.

I genuinely appreciate your advice on independent VoIP providers; I'll examine my options using your suggestions.

Many of my friends are dropping their land lines and just using their cell phones. My cell provider allows me to block numbers for free (I checked).

Telephone providers should recognize the inevitability of customers receiving nuisance calls, and there should be provisions in place for resolving such issues quickly and without charge, especially when the calls involve illegal activity.