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Binghamton, NY
reply to Simba7

Re: What roaming?

My Verizon phone went onto "extended network" (i.e: roaming partners) in Kentucky for a 40 to 50 mile stretch of I-65 last year. I was also roaming when I visited Mammoth Caves National Park. Looked it up when I got home and discovered I was using the network of a regional carrier called Blueglass cellular. I had full EVDO connectivity and voice handoffs between VZW's network and Blueglass were seemless.

I've also wound up on a roaming partner for the short stretch of I-81 through West Virginia. Not sure which carrier that is. Whomever they are they don't have EVDO because my phone always winds up on 1x during that portion of my roadtrips. Kind of sucks because it always kills my Pandora streaming. I drive through there often enough that I now try to schedule the phone calls I have to make to occur there. Of course that's also a PITA because they don't seem to do seemless handoffs to the VZW network like most roaming partners. My calls always drop when I leave the roaming footprint and rediscover the VZW network.


Richmond, VA
I-81 doesn't go through West Virginia.

Now when I traveled up I-81 I noticed that the mountains would screw up the signal but my Verizon work phone, and Sprint phone would perform fine.


Orlando, FL
Yes it does, for about 25 miles. The OP was referring to being on US Cellular in that part of WV, they have EVDO in that area but with no roaming agreement for it, all Verizon customers will only have access to 1x. All of I-81 thru WV and MD is USCC until getting to PA or VA when native VZ coverage starts again and EVDO.


Orlando, FL
reply to Crookshanks
The handoff issue is weird because my phone works going from Verizon SID 18 (Balt-DC Net) to USCC on I-70 and back to Verizon, its worked for years. Maybe VZ systems 1912 (northern VA on 81) and 96 (Southern PA) don't have that connectivity yet.


reply to mike656
When I was on verizon I had evdo through that stretch. I travel through that area twice a year when visiting family near nashville.


Orlando, FL
Not on US cellular in that area, they have never had a roaming agreement with verizon for EVDO, nor do they anywhere else in the country.