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Orem, UT

PPPoE-Connect on Demand or Keep Alive?

I've lurked on the boards for over a year now, but this is my first posting, so be gentle

I finally convinced my SO to let me wire up the house with a network and DSL service. I have everything pretty much working, but have a few questions. I have Earthlink DSL (remind me to post my Qwest/MSN horror story sometime this weekend now that I have access) and the BEFSR41 v2. I've uninstalled Winpoet, and configured the router to handle PPPoE.

1. What are the pro's and con's of using Connect on Demand?
2. What are the pro's and con's of using Keep Alive?
3. Do I need to uninstall ALL of the Earthlink software, or will some of it still work? SO "really likes the toolbar" and is whining about losing it. Ugh.
4. At what point does the routers "Keep Alive" function kick in? I do not necessarily want an always on connection at this point.
5. If I use the Connect on Demand feature, must I use the Connect button on the status page each time to connect, or is there any easier way?


South Hackensack, NJ
I have the same exact questions as above...

at the moment i've selected connect on demand with max idle at 0... i'd love to keep alive but i can select only one or the other...

im using firmware 1.39.2


Beverly Hills, CA
reply to Tech_Goddess
Hey you guys, first I'd like to welcome you both to
the best Board around. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Like both of you I'm running a dynamic DSL account
with the Linky handling the PPPoE. But unlike you,
its very important that my service is always up and
running, and that I keep the same IP for as long as
possible. I was told to use Keep Alive, with a figure
of 180sec, and its been a life saver. I'm currently
working on my third week with the same IP.

As far as the software is concerned, I was using the
EnterNet software from SBC/Pacbell, and when I got
the router, was told to uninstall it. Not sure if
that was necessary. Personally, I'd leave it on for
a couple of weeks just to make sure everything is OK.
This place is a mess!


South Hackensack, NJ
thx hodge!

well 2 days straight and my ip hasn't changed and no disconnection so far (im using connect on demand idle 0)... if my ip changes, ill switch it to keep alive 180s...

thx again hodge...


Mclean, VA
reply to Tech_Goddess
I'm also using a dynamic dsl account.(verizon) I know I know, but I've been one of the few who has had a smooth ride. 18 months and counting no failures.(I'm pretty close to CO). I have my connection set to "keep alive", and I've uninstalled pppoe software from all but one machine. So if I have a problem with Linky or I want to isolate the problem to Linky, I flip a couple of cables at the router and connect directly to that machine. I've had no problems with keep alive. I'm using firmware 1.39 (if it ain't broke don't fix it philosophy). Good luck, and welcome. I've also been lurking for some time with only a couple of posts. This is an incredibly helpful forum though...

Germantown, OH
reply to Tech_Goddess
I think your questions 1 and 2 are strictly a person's personal preference. I guess it comes down to how much you're online. If you leave your e-mail app up and running and checking for mail every 10-15 minutes, I'd use "Keep Alive". If you only sit down once or twice a day and use the internet, maybe "Connect on Demand" is more appropriate.

Now, for your other questions:

3. All you need to uninstall is EL's PPPoE client, WinPoet, I believe. I've never installed it so I don't know if things get listed seperately in 'Add/Remove Programs', etc, etc. Look for a Winpoet dir, probably under Program Files, and see if there's an uninstall app or 'unwise'. If you leave it installed, you *must* disable it (that I don't know how to do).

4. When the router is powered on. I often refer to this as "Try to keep the connection alive". For example, if you're set to "Keep Alive" but pull the phone cord from your modem, the router will see that it's no longer connected. Then, it will try to re-connect... And keep trying... And keep trying.

5. No, that would be "Connect when told to" . "On Demand" basically means that when an app looks for an outside IP address, the router says "Hey, someone wants to go online. Hurry up and authenticate". And it does, within seconds. You'd probably notice a slight delay if you have a pretty fast machine, but it will still be way faster than making a dial-up connection.
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Richardson, TX
reply to Tech_Goddess
Connect on Demand: terminates the connection after the specified idle time. Reconnects when there is a demand for service ie, open a browser page, email check, etc.

Keep Alive: Some ISPs will drop a connection if they see no activity. This setting creates activity for a brief interval at the specified 'engagement' time interval so the connection appears to have some activity.

PPPoE software on computer: Some say to remove entirely, others no. You can leave it installed, but do not run the program. ISPs do not normally support use of routers/NAT. If you call for assistance with a problem they want you to remove the router before they will help. Therefore if you connect with the computer (using PPPoE) before calling you save yourself a lot of grief.

Verizon FiOS
Richmond, VA
reply to Tech_Goddess
Go with the "Keep Alive".
You'll never have any worries again....
at least with getting disconnected.

"Why is it when we know better and we go ahead anyway, we almost always prove ourselves right"? Craig


South Hackensack, NJ
thx guys... i switched it to keep alive... so far so good...