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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
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Re: Sprint

said by Teddeli:

said by Nightfall:

said by ke4pym:

Agreed. Everyone that has unlimited now will be grandfathered. Though, at some point, they'll figure out a way to get you un-grandfathered.

Should that point come, I'll just get a plain ole no-data-at-all-phone.

It's like my 3G data card. Grandfathered in to the unlimited plan. They'll have to pry that account from my cold, dead hands. And if they do, I'll just turn it off.

To which case, if they ungrandfather you, you have a right to terminate your contract with no fee. I haven't seen a company do that yet. My sister has been on a grandfathered plan with Sprint for a long time now without them terminating that plan.

Don't think you"ll have the right to terminate since data is considered an add on and not part of your plan

AT&T users are currently grandfathered in if they have unlimited data. Any change to a contract in the past is always considered to be a breech and you can opt out at that time for no penalty. Read up on the contract you signed through Verizon. Any change to the data portion is a change to your contract. Which is why Verizon will grandfather users in. All new contracts signed will be hit with the new structure. This is fine because not many people will hang around on the same contract. Some people will jump providers or drop data use.
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Again; not true. Just because you change your DATA it is NOT required for the phone and is an Add-on service to the phone. It states that. You can change your data plan at anytime without changing your contract. All carriers and customers know that. The only thing is once you change to unlimited you can never get it back if its not offered.