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robert 209


please help figure out wtf this means

1. Your Tweakable Settings
Receive Window (RWIN): 64350
Window Scaling: off
Path MTU Discovery: ON
RFC1323 Window Scaling: OFF
RFC1323 Time Stamping: OFF
Selective Acks: ON
MSS requested: 1460
TTL: unknown
TTL remaining: 113
TOS flags: none set

2. Test Download
Actual data bytes sent: 1028381
Actual data packets: 706
Max packet sent (MTU): 1500
Max packet recd (MTU): 1470
Retransmitted packets: 3
sacks you sent: 43
pushed data pkts: 102
data transmit time: 8.970 secs
our max idletime: 461.9 ms
transfer rate: 105000 bytes/sec
transfer rate: 840 kbits/sec
transfer efficiency: 99%

3. ICMP (ping) check
Target unpingable

If your IP could be pinged then we hit it with various streams to identify any loss, or exessive jitter from our server.

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Las Vegas, NV
I cannot figure out what it means based on what you posted.

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