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Santa Ana, CA

Speedstream 5100 not alowed by ATT

I think I have a darn good little Speedstream 5100. However every three or four weeks I post a God thing on Face-book and do some e-mails and like clock-work my speed of 1.5mbps is cut to below 500kbps. Once again I call ATT and they want to come to my home and fix my PC which at that point I have to remind them that my modem down load limit has been changed and I want it put back. Now I know they have the ability to set your speed at what ever they want so I tell them to put it back and they do usually by the time I get off the phone with them and then I'm good for another 2,3 or 4 weeks. Internet is all I have so I only pay about $45 a month. This has been going on for over a year. Yesterday, it is all over again. Some times I talk to a tech the next day but it is always up to speed the same night. Now, this time is different. Now the tech calls me the same night and tells me I can no longer get above 256k with this modem and I have to replace the modem. Now, I live with another family who also has DSL in the same house with ATT. He pays them over $150 a month for home phone and wireless & Internet. He runs a 4100 Speedstream,even older than mine. He does not have any problem. He pays them off every month. So how many speed streams are there out there? I don't care and I have a flawless 2,3,or 4 weeks of 5100 running just fine. Does this story have any meaning to you? I just bought a Zoom 2/2+ modem to make ATT happy but I do not believe the modem has a problem. How can I verify the 5100 has a problem? The self test passes. I saw a similar post back in 2007, wow so long ago, from Chicago, Why didn't the tech the last ten times tell me to change the modem?

Santa Ana, CA

Well, Att has finally said that it must be the line, not the modem. Of course they are having a good laugh though cause they made me spend $48 on a modem. That's OK though because I have been reading there agreement and it turns out we as consumers have no right to get anything for our money and there is no performance agreement for the consumer. Really? I guess it is one of those things you just control, like the slammer virus in 2003 At&t pointed out how negligent Verizon was. Of course we would not consider this to be the same issue. Remember those 24hr fitness programs that you would sign up for a year or two and then when you go to the gym you find out that too many people had the same idea. You never went after that and the money kept going out. Let's see, first it was tech A who said He was going to install some error correction so the line would perform better, then there was Tech B who said it was a modem, then there was tech C who said that the line has errors. My modem does not have errors reporting on the line?

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San Jose, CA
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reply to bmaz121

For the record, the SpeedStream 4100 replaces the SpeedStream 5100. Earliest SS5100 only had four panel lights, and was purely bridged. The next model was the SS5100B, with five panel lights. Then came the SS4100, the SS4100B, then Siemens quit the modem business, so AT&T went to Motorola, and their Netopia 2210.

Now, if you have the five panel light version of the SS5100 (SpeedStream 5100B), you can get your line statistics from the modem. If your modem is reporting marginal SNR, that would explain the symptoms you are seeing. SNR needs to be at least 10.0 dB for a reliable connection.

BTW, I should add that the SpeedStream 5100, both versions, is still supported by AT&T. And definitely "allowed".

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reply to bmaz121

Modem w/ the BEST diagnostics that AT&T supports are the 2Wire ones. Other than the Netopia's which are GREAT, officially for "business" though, the Moto 2210 & 2Wire 2701hg-b are their other 2 modems that I think are OK. Go to the Diagnostics page and post the stats of the line for the experts in this forum to diagnose.

Poway, CA

"Official" or not, AT&T supports the Netopia/Motorola 3347 for residential use (I know this for a fact, since I use a 3347 at home).