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Petaluma, CA

Finally this is getting some light.

I am glad netflix is bringing this whole data cap business into the light finally. There are a few of us who care and know about it here, but were simply labeled as the "data hogs" by the media and ISP's so no one will listen typically. Maybe people will notice this is real finally.

The fact that AT&T uverse TV is not included in its own cap is 100% bogus, its an IP packet, it must be counted as one.


But then poor AT&T would lose all those u-Verse TV subscribers under a cap that included any TV streaming. They'd get a ton of people back to Comcast/TW or to Dish/DTV.

Won't somebody think of poor AT&T here?


reply to doublea
If it cost to the ISP were really the issue, they would sell various tiers of bandwidth.. However, they choose to state, this is all you get.. Go over it and we will charge you a disproportionate fee.. Or we will throttle you connection.. Sure sounds like a conspiracy the more I think about it.. Anyone know where the cheapest place I can find some tinfoil???


Cleveland, OH

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reply to doublea
maybe you should learn that T's TV network is a PRIVATE system and NOT public and does NOT use the Public Internet like Netflix or HBO.com's streaming service or DirecTV's. And no they're not counting IP packets they're counting INTERNET packets.

Also edit: you can peer with ATDN. They have access to major studios and network streaming.