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Dayton, OH

Cincinnati Bell Zoomtown; 6100 Reprovisioning

I've spent the better part of the day on the phone with CinBell Zoomtown tech support attempting to get my connection reprovisioned. I have a Westell 6100 that reports that it is connecting at 1.5mb/s when I am paying for a 5mb/s connection. When I run speed tests, it pegs at 1.3 downstream, and simply sits there and doesn't go any higher.

When I call ZT tech support, they insist that the system "automatically" sets provisioning speed to maintain system stability.. Is this accurate? It sounds to me like they're simply throttling my connection.

My stats run earlier today are as follows:

Max Allowed Speed (kbps) 1536 768
SN Margin (dB) 20 10
Line Attenuation (dB) 46 31

Those numbers are "To Modem" and "To Internet" respectively. The signal seems to hold just fine. I want to know if I'm being given the runaround. I asked a tech to "rip and rebuild" and to "reprovision" and each time I asked firmly he informed me that he could not because that was how my account was provisioned, and I had to upgrade my package (?!?!)... I was being told that I was paying for the 5mb package. That's the bottom line, IMO.


Dayton, OH
I spent an hour on the phone with the Indian gentleman, who insisted that CinBell is a dynamic line, and that they don't have the ability to change provisioning on my modem. However, in the hour that I called, my stats changed:

Max Allowed Speed (kbps) 2048 768
SN Margin (dB) 12 12
Line Attenuation (dB) 47 31

At least 500kb/s better than before allowed, and I get 500kb/s better speedtests now as well. This modem has never showed anything better than the 1538 I had before. What gives? Just a random "dynamic" upgrade? Or are they throwing me a bone?

Cincinnati, OH
reply to gp1138
Higher speeds can be forced, but if the line quality can't support it there will be all kinds of errors and stability issues (and it may not even train up). Usually they'll cap it at 1.5, 3, or 5 Mbps depending on line conditions. They're all the same cost. You're able to get up to 5 Mbps, but unless you're close to the central office that serves you or your connection is fed through FTTN (fiber-to-the-node) you're not going to get that speed.

They probably forced a re-provision superseding your initial cap and your new speed is likely all your line can handle while maintaining stability.

I had a number of issues over the years as well as a number of speed increases. Finally wound up with 3 Mbps down after they switched the line over to DMT from CAP (service guy had the fancy test equipment and apparently it couldn't pull 5 Mbps so he provisioned it for 3). All these DSL issues are a thing of the past for me now since I've got Fioptics. Cross your fingers that they'll run it past your house some time soon.
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Dayton, OH
reply to gp1138
I found out.. the CO is less than 2 miles from my house. I should get at least 3mb/s IMO.
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Re: Cincinnati Bell Zoomtown; 6100 Reprovisioning

Hi gp1138,

My name is Katie and I work for Cincinnati Bell. We'd be happy to have someone reach out to you about your connection and any issues you are having. Please email me at cincinnati.bell@fuse.net


Cincinnati Bell