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Pathetic money grab

It boggles the mind that a VERY SMALL minority of users somehow overload the entire AT&T wireless system and because of that overload EVERY wireless of AT&T is held accountable. They marketed and advertised their Wireless unlimited plans as "Unlimited" to get people to sign up and now that they signed up they come back and say Oh BTW stupid customer, our unlimited plan isn't unlimited, you can only use a max 5 GB of bandwidth -after that we throttle you till you give up in disgust. Personally, I hope this redefining of "unlimited" backfires and all those Smartphone users say screw it and go back to a simple cell phone leaving AT&T (and others) with a mountain of bandwidth/capacity and no one wanting it.


Bronx, NY

Easy solution vote with your wallet

You could always go to verizon or sprint


Verizon also throttles there data plans and sprint is going do the same thing.

»www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,23 ··· 6,00.asp
»www.engadget.com/2010/06/11/spri ··· -summer/


I have SPRINT with three EVO 4G and a clamshell. IF Sprint ever says I will be throttled then I will drop Sprint Smart phones like so much trash and go to a simple cellphone- I've got a drawer full of various phones left over from trade up days. I don't need a smart phone so if Sprint starts the throttling and overages then I do vote with my wallet and a 200.00 a month cell phone bill gets eliminated-works for me big time.
Sprint has been good to me for the last 12 years- Their phones aren't the latest in whiz bang crap that the Gen-Xers like and their network is by far low on the totem pole in performance, I can count the number of dropped calls on one hand. They offer coverage where I live, work and play 90% of the time and they don't drop my calls. They respond IF I do have a billing question and quickly rectify it.
Its not an endorsement of Sprint just my experience. When they say unlimited right now they mean it. Simple, straight-forward experience.

Ashburn, VA
reply to treichhart
You might want to read the Sprint article again.


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Re: Pathetic money grab

I think you need to re-read it.