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Qwest frequent disconnects

I've had Qwest for a couple of years with little to no issues. Over the past couple of months I have been getting increasing disconnects (ISP and DSL line). Sometimes it can go for hours without an issue, and other times - usually on an evening - it disconnects frequently. I'm on 12Mbit.
A Qwest engineer took a look last week and disconnected telephone sockets I wasn't using, and because I don't have a home phone, I now just have a single telephone socket connected to my modem. Typically, while the engineer was here, this were stable, but since then it's been going bad as usual.
I then decided to replace my PK5000 with another Actiontec, just it case it was my modem that was at fault, but the issues still remain.
Looking at the modem WAN status, I see big fluctuations in SNR both downstream and upstream. I have seen the downstream SNR range from 0dB to 21dB and all values in between. I seem to get a lot of near side errors, and regular retrains. My connection speeds can also vary wildly. My current WAN status is shown below. The number of retrains (73) have happened since I rebooted the router about 5 hours ago.

In people's experience, is this likely to be something at my end (cabling at my house), or Qwest issue?

Any help appreciated,

VPI: 0
VCI: 32
Broadband Mode Setting: MULTIMODE
Broadband Negotiated Mode: ADSL2+
Connection Status: CONNECTED
Downstream Speed: 10926 Kbps
Upstream Speed: 892 Kbps
Retrains: 73
Retrain Timer: 0 Days, 0H:2M:3S
ATM QoS class: UBR

Near End CRC Errors Interleave:62237
Near End CRC Errors Fastpath : N/A

Far End CRC Errors Interleave : 8793
Far End CRC Errors Fastpath : N/A

30 Minute Near End CRC Interleave :0
30 Minute Near End CRC Fastpath :N/A

30 Minute Far End CRC Interleave :0
30 Minute Far End CRC Fastpath :N/A

Near End RS FEC Interleave : 0
Near End RS FEC Fastpath : N/A

Far End RS FEC Interleave : 0
Far End RS FEC Fastpath : N/A

30 Minute Near End FEC Interleave :56
30 Minute Near End FEC Fastpath :N/A

30 Minute Far End FEC Interleave :31
30 Minute Far End FEC Fastpath :N/A

30 Minute Discarded Packets Downstream :0
30 Minute Discarded Packets Upstream :0

SNR Downstream :9 dB
SNR Upstream :8 dB
Attenuation Downstream :20 dB
Attenuation Upstream :10 dB
Power Downstream: 0 dBm
Power Upstream: 12.7 dBm

Winterset, IA
The SNR's are okay for where you at but when it gets down to 0dB it normally is a Qwest issue or a line issue normally the wire's heat up causing them to expand as I've seen and causes DSL to re-train. And SNR's to move around... Call another tech out and tell them that keeps retraining You have a lot of errors get a tech out asap!


Thankyou, that's good information to know and will be giving Qwest a call tonight.


reply to Graham
or try messaging TalkToQwest thru the forums


Littleton, CO
reply to Graham
Save yourself a lot of trouble. PM the TalkToQwest Team first. It'll get done and hopefully without incident.

Boise, ID
reply to Graham
Hello Graham, this is B with the Talk To CenturyLink Team. If you are still needing assistance with your DSL service, send us an e-mail to TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com, and we'll be happy to take a look at your DSL line.

Thanks Graham,

Talk To CenturyLink Team


Thanks, I have sent an e-mail.


Littleton, CO
reply to Graham
I have been reading that CenturyLink is adding hardware and/or software to the mix and it's causing problems. Imagine my surprise?

I knew there'd be issues.


Kennewick, WA
reply to Graham
Graham, Take a look at my post in the Frontier section.
»[DSL] Connection Speed Drops in the Evening
I'm having this strange problem that might be similar to yours. In the evening, when the network get congested, it appears the DSLAM starts noising up the signal (maybe jitter or something) causing the modem to fall back to a slower speed. This happens over and over again until the modem speed is down to 400 kb/s. After about an hour the noise goes away and the noise margin is better than 20 dB because the speed is so low. I included some plots that I captured with John Owen's routerstats program. It's a really cool, free program that will give you a history of what's going on. Here's a link to the utility:
»www.vwlowen.co.uk/internet/files ··· iles.htm


Sandy, UT
Thanks I'll give it a go.

My modem now seems to have settled on 10Mbit download and 600Kbit upload (as opposed to 12Mbit and 898Kbit). The errors are still very high and dropped connections are still common (worse during peak times).

I e-mailed talk to Qwest but never heard anything back.



Sandy, UT
Click for full size
Router stats
Here is a plot from the SNR yesterday. For about a 30 minute period the SNR was all over the place and my router dropped connection 5 times.


My issues like this always come in bursts. I can have an uptime of 25+ days on my Motorola 3347-02 router, and then for about a week I will have to cycle power on it two to three times a day. It's definitely the router that dies -- I have my main machine plugged directly into it and I can't hit the web interface or telnet into it when things go down.

I've been running it with the cover off for months, so it seems unlikely it is overheating. I haven't tried replacing it yet, but that might be the next move.


Sandy, UT
I already replaced my router at the suggestion by Qwest. Still the same issue.