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Re: Time Warner Ubee Modem Problems!

They have swapped out the Ubee modem/router twice. They replaced the junction box where the line connects to the house. This last visit, they replaced the wire going from the junction box to the pole. The coax cable goes directly from the junction box, through the wall, into the modem. There is no splitter or other re-routing of the connection. BTW, Just came home from dinner, and it's out again. This time, the POWER and the Wlan lights are lit on the router, and the DS light is flashing. No other lights. Broadcasting the right network name, but can't connect. Had to power off the router and power it back on before I could reconnect.

Premium,MVM,Ex-Mod 2008-13
The OC

I think you've done all you can to eliminate the hardware. Remote possibility is a power problem. More likely is a TWC issue.

I'm going to move your thread from Wireless to the T/W forum in the hope that someone there has some insight.

Good luck.