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Campbell, CA

[ActionTec] Actiontec GT784WN and DDNS (busybox linux)

Out of the box, the Actiontec GT784WN doesn't support dynamic DNS.
After enabling telnet access and logging in I find a "ddns" command.
I've looked at a bunch of forum entries and tried different arguments but the ddns command returns nothing.
Going a little deeper and typing "sh" I get -

BusyBox v1.00 (2011.05.20-06:07+0000) Built-in shell (msh)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

Built-in commands:
. : break cd continue eval exec exit export help login newgrp
read readonly set shift times trap umask wait [ busybox cat chmod
cp date deluser df dmesg echo expr false flash_eraseall ftpget
ifconfig init insmod kill killall klogd linuxrc ln logger logread
ls mkdir mknod mount msh nc pidof ping ping6 ps pwd reboot rm
rmmod route sendarp sh sleep sysinfo syslogd test tftp tftpd
top traceroute true tty umount vconfig wget

Looking around I see that there is /bin/ddnsd but doing a "ps" shows that it's not running. I would start it up but I haven't been able to find any examples of its use or arguments.
I'm pretty fed up and amazed that googling didn't turn up anything useful!
If anyone out there has any experience in making DDNS go where it hasn't gone before, I could sure use the help.


Campbell, CA
Yay! I figured it out myself!

I found a chunk of HTML called ddnsadd.html which contains the "hide" flag.

Telnetting into the modem, and using the top-level CLI, you have to type (at the > prompt) "ddns dyndns".

Go back to the GUI and look at the bottom of the Security section and DDNS is there!


Arvada, CO
reply to markusunread
hi am not able to access GUI but able to ping default gateway from all the computer if i connect my old router i can access Gui any help gt784wn.
Old modem 2 wire.